Thank you

Thank You

We are very aware of and thankful for all the people who have devoted their time, shared their expertise, and given advice so that this wonderful adventure, the creation of the Club de bridge de Rosemere Les Dames de Coeur could become a reality.

In alphabetical order:

Guy Beaulieu, for his column, “In Guy’s Words”;

Christine Bourbeau, President of the Montreal Bridge League, for her encouragement and guidance;

Anick Dame, for creating an environment conducive to our needs at the Rosemere Community Center:

Frederid D.-Vincent (son of Dominique, a very proud mother!!!)for the creation of the internet site and technical support;

Noel Frenette, for accounting advice and recommendations;

Philippe Tremblay(son of Francoise, another mother proud of her son!!!)for creation of the logo for the Club de bridge de Rosemere Les Dames de Coeur;

Sebastien Frenette, for his technical support and the lodging of our internet site;

Claude Guerin, Director of community services for the Town of Rosemere, for his support and confidence;

Jacinthe Lesage, for the proof-reading of texts;

Louise Mascolo, for technical support concerning the link with the Montreal Bridge League’s web site;

And…All the directors and players who have shared with us their knowledge, suggestions, enthusiasm and support…

For all these people, once again, we wish to express our gratitude!
Your Dames de Coeur,
Dominique, Francoise and Susan.